Field Guide to Invertebrates in Film: Green Porno

Green Porno (2008, 2009)

Critter: Isabella Rossellini

Size: Tiny

Modus Operandi: Posts small films that amuse, educate and creep you out

How the Menace Emerges: Sundance supported the creation of two seasons of these delighful shorts

End Goal: Edutainment!

Since I'm bombarded with all sorts of school-related responsibilities this week, I have no time for a full length invertebrate flick. Instead, I bring you Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno. Her first season was dedicated entirely to terrestrial invertebrates. Learn about the mating habits of the fly, the bee, the spider, the earthworn, the snail, the firefly and the praying mantis. Even though season 2 centers on marine life, you can still get your invertebrate fix with the sex lives of the starfish, the barnacle and the limpet. Check out the rest of them here. It's worth it.


Kathryn said...

Isabella has a Green Porno book coming out in September, which will include every short from the entire series (not all are available online). Check it out: http://theharperstudio.com/authorsandbooks/isabellarossellini

Amber said...

Hi Kathryn-
Wow! That looks great! Thanks for the tip! I can't wait!