punk is dead

You don't get it, do you dude? Blown-out wigs live, man.

What We Do is Secret (2008): I really can't make an honest appraisal of this film, since the first six minutes were so fucking godawful that I had turn it off. So bad, so very, very bad: those six minutes were so bad, Carl fucking Laemmle should've come out at the beginning to warn me. Those six minutes were so bad, it's just the sort of obscenely medieval shit you'd find black site interrogators at Guantanamo and Bagram Air Base passing back and forth: waterboarding has nothing on those brutal six minutes. Oh, so bad, so so bad.

Maybe the remaining 86 ticks are redeemed somehow, I don't know, but I wish you the very best of luck in finding out.


rodgerg said...

well, given that reputable sources such as the New York Times, Variety, Film Threat and on and on gave it great reviews after they watched the whole movie I guess that just makes you, I don't know, an ADD afflicted asshole? Why don't you try again and write a real review. I don't mind taking a real hit from somebody. But at least put the work in. Jerk.

Dex said...

you know what, rodger? you're absolutely right - i should watch the rest of your movie, just like the new york times, variety, and film threat did (even though i did say that i couldn't make an honest appraisal of your film in the first line of this post).

but i'll make you a deal: i'll watch the rest of wwdis if you sit through some martin scorsese or john sayles. i have it on pretty good authority that the mid 1970s wasn't all that long ago, and those two guys managed to do some pretty authentic-looking period pieces without having to do things like shoot concert scenes in ice-skating rinks and cast gods girls or suicide girls models in crowd shots. the reason i turned yr movie off after six minutes (actually, it may not have been six minutes - it was bijou's wig that drove the nail into that coffin) is because it looked like you were filtering glen friedman by way of the history channel. that sort of thing is insulting to people who actually believed that creed and that music meant something.

and if such reputable sources dug your movie, why do you care what i say? jesus, you get your name in the paper of record and film threat, and my blog post cheeses you? not very punk rock.

rodgerg said...

actually, i'd say the essence of punk rock is the democratization of the process. i do care what you say, just as i care what so-called bigger, more reputable sources say. all i expect is that you actually watch the film and put some intelligent thought into it before you mouth off. not a lot to ask, is it? your comments about me not watching Scorsese or Sayles films are just offensive and ignorant. go back, watch the movie, then watch it again and listen to the dvd commentary, then we'll reconvene this discussion once you've removed your head from your ass.

Dex said...

86 minutes, and beyond!