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I'm guessing this is probably the only thing worth seeing in Wanted.

Today's DVD releases, yo:

Casablanca (Ultimate Collector’s edition)
C.G. Jung’s World Within
The Day the Earth Stood Still (special edition)
Dr. Katz: Best of Dr. Katz
I, Claudius
Lower Learning
My Father, My Lord
Narnia: Prince Caspian
Pleasure for Sale

Seeding of a Ghost What was initially intended as the third part of the Black Magic (Gong Tau) series, Seeding of a Ghost is another of the timely, gross-out exploitation flicks that the Shaw Studios were putting out in the late 70's to compete with the influx of foreign exploitation films in the Chinese market. The basic story is of a taxi cab driver who enlists the help of a witch doctor to exact revenge on the playboy who was having an affair with his wife and the street punks who raped and killed her. I would only recommend this film to exploitation fan as the set pieces range from a brutal rape/murder to brain consumption/worm regurgitation to necrophilia (of sorts). A censored version of this film was released by Celestial Pictures in Hong Kong a couple of years ago with a running time of 86 minutes. The new U.S. release is said to be a 90 minute cut of the movie. Having seen the film, I doubt that those extra four minutes are used to add character development. (Pike Bishop)

She Likes Girls 3
Step Brothers
Teenage Angst

White Dog (Criterion Collection directed by Samuel Fuller) - Love his stuff when it's not mucked up by the studios too much, love the premise of this one, and given that Criterion has put their stamp on it, it's probably pretty damn good. But we can't just pick Criterions every week, now can we? (Patrick)

X-Files: I Want to Believe - Six years have passed since one of the best American televisions shows of the 1990s limped off televisions screens to die - diagnosis: bitter infighting between series creator and Fox, but notably, a drastic drop in the quality of writing that moved the show's direction from biting critique to wishy-washy melodrama - so in many ways, the series' ingnominious end required a big screen finale. Carter and Fox appear to have patched things up, and so and thus, I Want to Believe locates David Duchovony's Fox Mulder doing that Ted Kaczynski thing and Gilliam Anderson's Dana Scully settling in as a physician; despite this shaking off of their shared histories as FBI agents and lovers, the pair's expertise are again required to solve a slew of disappeared women. The film apparently did not please critics hopped up on Iron Man's sugary thrills and waiting for Brand Dark Knight's domination, which of course probably means it's worth the time. (Dex)

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