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Nothing But a Man. Directed by Michael Roemer. Written by Michael Roemer & Robert M. Young. Starring Ivan Dixon, Abbey Lincoln & Julius Harris. 1964.

Special 35mm screening ONE NIGHT ONLY on Wednesday February 27th @ 7PM at the Starz FilmCenter.

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Joaquin said...

This is a remarkable film. Not a false note in it. For my money, this is the most insightful and affecting portrayal of racial politics in the South before the Civil Rights Movement. It refrains from showing any physical violence between races, subduing all racial tension to language, gestures and glances. This proves highly effective and conveys a clear sense of how people learn to function day-to-day in their oppressive environment. In fact, the only moment of violence is between our black protagonists, all the more shocking and unsettling since our belief in this story relies on their unity for defense against the world.

The aesthetics of this film are akin to the look and feel of Charles Burnett's Killer of Sheep, which is another film that has recently made me rethink the historical trajectory of African American's cinematic representation. Loved both of these films and highly recommend them.