up-the-queue (open thread)

This week, I've got Michael Clayton (living vicariously through Teh Clooney), Ghosts of Mars (in a John Carpenter-completish mood), and Interview (digging Steve Buscemi, digging Sienna Miller, but in a totally different way; and wondering what his thing for Theo Van Gogh is all about).

What's in yours?


Joaquin said...

Sitting on my nightstand with the best intentions to watch sometime soon are Hearts of Darkness (the doc about the making of Apocalypse Now), a Charles Burnett film called My Brother's Wedding, and on Wednesday I'll be getting either Juno or Danny Boyle's Sunshine.

Dex said...

juno! america's sweetheart!

nervenet said...

Robert Altman/Sam Shepard's Fool for Love, Super Bad, Hitchcock's To Catch A Thief, and Michelle Yeoh and Tony Leung in Butterfly Sword. Maybe I'll finish the Altman tonight.