david lynch thursday!

I am a huge admirer of Billy Wilder. There are two films of his that I most love because they create such a world of their own: Sunset Boulevard and The Apartment.

And then there's Fellini, who is a tremendous inspiration. I like La Strada and 8 1/2 - but really all of them, and again, for the world and the character and the mood, and for this level, which you can't put your finger on, that comes out in each one.

I love Hitchcock. Rear Window is a film that makes me crazy, in a good way. There's such a coziness with James Stewart in one room, and it's such a cool room, and the people who come into this room - Grace Kelly, for instance, and Thelma Ritter - it's just so fantastic that they're all in on a mystery that's unfolding out their window.

--- "Heroes of Film," Catching the Big Fish.

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