up-the-queue (open thread)

Lately, my Netflix flow has been at a shameful standstill. Hopefully in the next week I'll get around to watching at least one of the following:

High and Low - I'm hoping this is a Kurosawa film that I'll really like.
Early Spring - Continuing my quest through Ozu's ouevre. Does anyone else feel curiously "organized" after watching an Ozu movie?
The Thief of Bagdad - If Michael Powell had a hand in it, I've gotta see it. Really looking forward to this one.

What's in yours?


Dex said...

ahh...i got john demme's jimmy carter doc, 'man from plains' (NEVER rented at the store, can't figure out why); 'day night day night,' about a suicide bomber, in new york, i think; 'crimson gold,' what's being sold as an iranian noir. and i just finished watching 'the 11th hour,' which totally surprised me - i didn't think that leo dicaprio would lend his face, name, and voice to film that so forcefully condemns the destructive condition of our economic and environmental madness.

Joaquin said...

I really like Day Night Day Night. Especially the 'outcome' of it all. Hopefully you will too.

nervenet said...

1. Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control - I think I still have this from last time you asked. The shame stings my eyes.
2. Once - One makes compromises and sees films one would not normally have any interest in when in a relationship. I hope someone understands.
3. Sorcerer - William Friedkin takes on Henri-Georges Clouzout. Roy Scheider is a plus, rickety bridge is a plus. The fact that it's remake of a classic is a minus. And no matter how pessimistic Friedkin is, he'll never be as bitter about it as Clouzout. But I'm still expecting to enjoy this film.
4. Memories of Murder - The guy who did The Host first did this supposedly upsetting film about South Korea's first serial killer. I've heard great things about it.

As for Joaquin's stuff:
High & Low is not a period piece and has a modern feel (circa 1960, of course). I suspect you'll like it better than other Kurosawa you've seen.
Early Spring - Great, but not quite as great as Late Spring or Tokyo Story. Setsuko hara though? Amazing in all 3 of them. Her character is (just coincidentally, I'm sure) named Noriko in all three.
Thief of Bagdad - Just got my own copy. I'll watch soon and we can compare notes.