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Via some special Friends of the Booth (a brainy, roguish pair with some strong movie opinions, living deep in the recesses of Capitol Hill): more on how difficult it is for supporters of an ultra-rich political movement that not only funds it's own mass media but also administers two of the three main branches of government in the world's richest and most powerful nation to make themselves heard.


Atrain said...

I kinda rolled my eyes when I first read about this movie. Political satire in general is very cheesy. But that bit about the ACLU is pretty fuckin' funny, and I will be seeing this movie. I'm glad to see the Right has managed to find "a" voice in a chorus of Left-ist Hollywood. It will be interesting to see how this plays against the series of anti-war flops that Hollyweird continues to churn out.

Atrain said...

And what the Hell does the title of this post mean, Dex?

Dex said...

before you go a-celebrating a fresh new cinematic voice, i would refer you to this post previous, which goes into a little more detail about what's supposed to be passing for satirical here.

satire is only satire when it actually satirizes something, not merely holding up some phony tropes to take potshots at - it takes a little more creativity then aclu zombies. that's name-calling, not satire, and it does a disservice to comedy to use that as cover.

movement conservatism, not unlike a lot of the new left, takes its impetus from the false notion their viewpoint/values/way of life is beseiged, under attack; much of the humor that's in this flick rests in that perspective, that this is cinematic comeuppance.

as for the title of the post, that's the song kelsey grammer sang at the end of 'frasier', the television show where he played a smart person.