the blogpost about the prattle about the battle of seattle

This is what a movie trailer looks like! (this is what a movie trailer looks like)

The mighty mighty Democracy Now! hosted an all-too-brief discussion between The Battle in Seattle director Stuart Townsend and WTO-1999 vet David Solnit, who's started a "People's History of Seattle" online project as a sort of counterpoint to Townsend's flick.

There's apparently some concern among activists that Townsend's movie will become the last word about the massive surprise protests that shut down World Trade Org talks in those halcyon days of the end of Clinton time, and with good reason I think, especially since 1) Townsend's flick may not be that good, and b) a much more effective film with a much more powerful message might play the sound and fury of the protests on the sidelines and push the terrible damage so-called free-trade agreements wreaks on the Two-Thirds World front and center.

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