up the queue

The patronness saint of The Projection Booth's Up the Queue feature, Girl Cut in Two's Ludivine Sangier.

I for one have been remiss, with GRE and thesis panic and picking up extra shifts at the video store during teh DNC, and so I'm hoping to get caught up with some new releases on DVD (Lynch, Forbidden Kingdom, Mad Detective), in the theaters (Read After Burning, Mister Foe, Girl Cut in Two) as well as some older flicks (Broken English, La Vie en Rose, Ride the High Country). Reviews to follow, of course, cos I know you just can't get enough, you just can't get enough.

What about you, Boothers?


Joaquin said...

Amidst my ever-increasing cubicle fodder duties, loved ones and some serious baby mama drama, I have the following at home, just crying out to be watched:

Planet Earth-finally, I've arrived at the final episode in the series and boy, science is amazing!
Diva-very curious about this one, especially after reading what Dex had to say about it quite a few posts back.
Billy Liar-I'm finally getting around to seeing the films of John Schlesinger, since I adore Midnight Cowboy.
A Man Escaped-Bresson (along with Ozu) are currently my titan directors of focus. Dying to see this one since I found Diary of a Country Priest to be entirely profound.

Dex said...

yah science!

excellent pick up, diva. one of the store regulars calls me 'jules' now, since i recommended it 'im.

you know, i need to see more schlesinger. you will do a review for us?

nervenet said...

Baise Moi - I'm gonna have to be in the mood for this, and I havne't really been there since it arrived at the house.

Control - rented this 'cuz the BF wanted to watch it and then he went and watched it without me. Bitch.

The Hawks and the Sparrows - Early Pasolini. Just watched Accattone and thought it was great (also watched Salo, another story). Mamma Roma comes next chronologically and I already own that, then I'll watch this.

He Walked By Night - Supposed to arrive today. Noir.