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This Tuesday's releases are so very!

Today's DVD releases:

Abraham Lincoln/The Struggle (directed by D.W. Griffith)
Arizona Sky
Atomic CafĂ© (2 DVD collector’s edition)
The Avenging Conscience (directed by D.W. Griffith)
Blind Woman of Sorrento
Butch Jamie
Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith
Chomsky Sessions
Dog Tags
Encounters at the End of the World (directed by Werner Herzog)
Executive Koala
Fanfan La Tulipe (Criterion Collection directed by Christian-Jacque)
Forgotten Noir: Vol. 4 (box set)
Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
Goya (1971)
D.W. Griffith: Father of Film
Griffith Masterworks 2 (box set includes: Way Down East / D.W. Griffith: Father of Film / The Avenging Conscience / Abraham Lincoln / The Struggle / Sally of the Sawdust)
Happiness of the Katakuris (directed by Takashi Miike)
Hard Head: The Films of Mounir Fatmi
Heathers (deluxe Locker gift edition)
Here Is Always Somewhere Else
Derek Jarman Collection (box set includes: Sebastiane / The Tempest / War Requiem / Derek)
The Last Emperor (Criterion Collection single disc edition directed by Bernardo Bertolucci)
Malcolm X Speaks
Manhattan Kansas
Mister Lonely (directed by Harmony Korine)
Monty Python’s Holy Trinity (6 DVD box set includes: Monty Python and the Holy Grail / Monty Python's Life of Brian / Monty Python's the Meaning of Life)
Paris Je T’Aime (2 DVD deluxe version)
Rug Cop
Sally of the Sawdust (directed by D.W. Griffith)
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
Splatter Disco
Thomas Pynchon - A Journey Into the Mind of Pynchon
3-Day Weekend
300 (3 DVD deluxe set)
Tomie Beginning/Tomie Revenge
Tropic Thunder
Up the Yangtze
The Warrior
Way Down East (directed by D.W. Griffith)
Wild Horse Redemption
The World Sinks Except Japan
Zombie Diaries


Dex said...

just looking over that list again - wasn't harmony kornine cinema's next big thing once upon a time?

Anonymous said...

I'll be picking up The Warrior with Barry Prima sight unseen. I'm interested in the Andy Griffith box and the Forgotten Noir (God I hate that puffed up French term. Is it so hard to call 'em crime pictures?) box. As for Gonzo, Encounters and Emperor, I hope to never see them again- a trio of painfully dehumanizing mediocrities.