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I believe that young lady is California dreamin'.

Afro-Cuba: Yesterday and Today
Bottle Rocket (Criterion Collection directed by Wes Anderson)

Chungking Express (Criterion Collection directed by Wong Kar-Wai) – Wong Kar-Wai's supposedly lightweight break from the rigors of completing Ashes of Time has proved to be as good as anything else in his catalog, if considerably less complex. More lively than the highly touted In the Mood for Love, easier to follow than anything he's done, and just as stylistically rich and obsessed with lonely longings and a past that won't let you go as anything he's ever made. (Patrick)

Hancock (2008)

Ron Howard: Spotlight Collection (8 DVD box set) – If I may quote the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant...ahem: "What? What? What?!!" (Dex)

Lady With the Dog
David Lynch: Lime Green set (9 DVD box set)
A Man Named Pearl
Meet Dave
Over the GW
Pink Panther: Ultimate Collection (box set)
The Price of Sugar
Space Chimps
The Spy Who Came In From the Cold (Criterion Collection directed by Martin Ritt)

Still Life - Directed by Jia Zhangke, the leading presence from the "Sixth Generation" of Chinese directors (Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, and Tian Zhuangzhuang were the "Fifth Generation"), Still Life is a beautiful film filled with humor, compassion and a real understanding of the human desire to continue despite obstacles: as the construction of the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze river looms over the lives of townsfolk who must leave their homes for the dam to see completion, a coal miner returns looking for his estranged wife, only to find a patch of grass sticking out of the water where his town used to be. A secondary story reverses those dynamics with a woman searching for her husband; yet after reuniting, they decide that too much time has passed. All the while, building up around these two stories, the viewer gets to see the social ramifications of Capitalist expansion as rural communities are being rapidly replaced by the industrialized progress that is building modern China. (Pike Bishop)

Johan Van der Keuken: Complete Collection Vol. 4
Visits: Hungry Ghost Anthology
Zeiram Duology


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You have some nerve Mr. Dex! I had never heard of a Dr. David Tennant. He sounded like an impressive gent. Is he trying to cure the dreaded syphilis or get our finest chimps into space? I had to know. Of course curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the hyperlink. Gaaah! What's This?!? You send me to a wiki dedicated to the world of that time traveling cad, the abominable Dr. Whoville! Damn you Dex! Daaaaamn yoooou!!!

Dex said...

doctor who has an answer for everything! everything can be answered with doctor who quotes!

(runs around apartment in boxers, flapping arms)

awwoo-awooo! the tardis is about to take off! the tardis is about to take off! look out, rose!