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Is it me, or does Jason Statham look really bored in this picture? Shouldn't someone give him someone to kick or punch?


Burn After Reading - After the landmark No Country For Old Men (2007), the Coens set the bar sky-high for the rest of their careers. But once the trailers began running for the hyperactive Burn After Reading, it was disappointingly obvious that their follow-up would at best only be a pleasant diversion (not one Projection Boother I've talked with was the least bit excited about BAR). It begs the question: was No Country a harmonic convergence, or is it Burn After Reading that's just a curio shop along the road to greatness? (Dex)

Death Race (2008)
The Duchess
Eagle Eye
Ghost Town
Hamlet 2
Pulse 3
Savage Grace
Traitor (12/19 release)
The Women (2008) (12/19 release)

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