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That's all it takes, brother - one post-adulthood Mary Kate Olson movie and just like that you're a creepy old man.

Babylon A.D.
Bangkok Dangerous
The Battle Wizard
Blind Mountain
Cyrano de Bergerac (2008) (starring Kevin Kline)
Disaster Movie
The Grocer’s Son
He Likes Guys
Kung Fu Killer
The Lizard
Opium and Kung Fu Master
Pineapple Express
The Plot to Kill Hitler

Michael Powell Double Feature (includes: Age of Consent and Stairway to Heaven) – Haven't seen Age of Consent yet but Stairway to Heaven (AKA A Matter of Life and Death) is generally regarded as one of many high points in the Powell/Pressburger partnership, a masterpiece that began their purple patch of releases (their next two film were Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes). Story concerns a pilot due in heaven when his aircraft crashes but he never makes it, creating a problem for his soul-takers who must then review his case and decide his fate. In Powell & Pressburger's hands though, the film, which could easily have become a treacly mess, stays on the right side by keeping their characterizations realistic, believable, and witty throughout, even when they're lampooning American or British stereotypes. A great one, and if Age of Consent is only half as good, that will be just fine with me. (Patrick)

Righteous Kill - A cop thriller thingy made under the presumption that many of us still care about what Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro are doing. I'm willing to give ground to DeNiro with the idea in mind he's attempting to build a financial base made out of the blood money he's getting for all these crap movies for his Tribeca Films company, but Al Pacino was long lost to us a more than a few "hoo-has!" ago (as much as I enjoy Michael Mann's Heat, much of the cast who have to share scenes with Pacino in that flick look as though they're waiting for him to start biting them). Like The Wackness (see below), Righteous Kill will no doubt give viewers a romantic approximation of gritty New York living, but in this film you get holograms of a pair of famous (and once-respected) actors to boot, so maybe it's a rental bargain. (Dex)

The Wackness - Not only do I never remember hearing the word "wackness" back in 1994, the appearance of a film anywhere, anyplace, regaling audiences with a tale of innocence lost and experience gained back in the halcyon days of the middle 1990s makes me feel the way Ben Kingsley looks in this movie: really fucking old.(Dex)

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