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Poor Glinda - I bet she never suspects that it's
her dad who's going to murder her.

I thought I'd give Pike and Amber - who've been doing yeoman's work, posting original content regularly, week after week (if you haven't seen Amber's Field Guide to Invertebrates in Film, you not only don't know what you're missing, you also suck, and suck bad) - a short breather and post a check-in to see what's on tap for Boothers who (like myself) have been otherwise distracted with a new school year, job, and other blah-dee-blah.

Me, I've got a copy of the HBO film Recount (2007) to see, as well as the Iranian-not-noir Crimson Gold (2006), and a remastered edition of Wild At Heart (1990) that was included in David Lynch's new boxed set, Lime Green I'm curious about.

Und du?

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