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The deleted scenes from High School Musical 3 look AWESOME.

Hello! Releases, releases, releases! Here are your DVD releases for the week of 2/17/09! Goodbye! :

- Body of Lies
- Changeling (2008)
- Choke
- Faces (Criterion Collection directed by John Cassavetes)
- Flash of Genius
- Hard Country (1981)
- The Helen Morgan Story (starring Paul Newman)
- High School Musical 3
- Hobson’s Choice (Criterion Collection directed by David Lean)
- I Served the King of England
- Midnight Meat Train
- Moses & Aaron
- Out at the Wedding
- The Outrage (starring Paul Newman) (1964)
- Quarantine (2008)
- Rachel, Rachel (directed by Paul Newman)
- Religulous
- Shadows (Criterion Collection directed by John Cassavetes)
- Silver Chalice (starring Paul Newman)
- When Time Ran Out (starring Paul Newman)

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why Sony is holding back the Spanish film REC.? The DVD should have come out alongside its Americanized remake, Quarantine. As for The Outrage, it is properly titled- Rashomon it ain't. Wait, is today crap remake release day?