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It's not too much of a stretch to say that Opera Jawa's among the best releases you'll see this week. Heh. Stretch.

You'd tell me if this blogpost was trying to be too romantic for you, wouldn't you, releases for the week of 3/24/09?

US DVD releases:
- Bolt
- The Cake Eaters (dir. Mary Stuart Masterson)
- Careful (dir. Guy Maddin)
- Forbidden Hollywood Vol. 3
- A Galaxy Far, Far Away
- Goldfinger (collector’s edition)
- Stephen Hawking and the Theory of Everything
- Hong Kong Godfather
- The Last Metro- Criterion Collection (dir. Francois Truffaut)
- Never Say Never Again (collector’s edition)
- The Odd Couple (Centennial 2 DVD edition)
- On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (collector’s edition)
- Opera Jawa
- Quantum of Solace
- Side Effects (starring Katherine Heigl)
- 13 Most Beautiful… Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests (music by Dean & Britta)
- To Catch A Thief (dir. Alfred Hitchcock)
- Wedding Wars
- A Woman Called Golda
- You Were Never Lovelier

US Blu-Ray releases:
- Bolt
- The Fast & the Furious Trilogy
- The 400 Blows- Criterion Collection (dir. Francois Truffaut)
- Goldfinger
- James Bond Collection Vol. 3
- The Kite Runner
- The Last Metro- Criterion Collection (dir. Francois Truffaut)
- Moonraker
- Never Say Never Again
- Quantum of Solace
- Things We Lost in the Fire
- The World Is Not Enough

Multi-region DVD releases:
- Antique- Korea Region 3
- Assembly (dir. Feng Xiaogang)- UK Region 2 PAL
- Cape No. 7- Hong Kong All-Region
- Chocolat (Claire Denis)- UK Region 2 PAL
- The Empress and the Warrior- UK Region 2 PAL
- The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (dir. Tony Richardson)- UK Region 2 PAL
- The Perfect Couple- Korea Region 3
- Saturday Night Out- UK Region 2 PAL
- Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (starring Albert Finney)- UK Region 2 PAL
- The Wind Will Carry Us (dir. Abbas Kiarostami)- UK Region 2 PAL

Dex is On Her Majesty's Secret Service: Historically, Bond films have been the cinematic equivalent of the turducken, and until Daniel Craig's leaner, against-the-grain '06 debut in Casino Royale, the only other Bond film I could stomach was George Lazenby's one-off On Her Majesty's Secret Service - with a host of on-screen pop culture references, "The Avengers" original kick-ass heroine Diana Rigg, and Lazenby's Picasso painting looks, OHMSS owes more to the mod stylings of the era than any of the Connery Bonds, and is also much more memorable (for all the right reasons) than fey Roger Moore's subsequent interpretation of the superspy. Because of this - and because of the utterly ridiculous plot - it feels more like a movie than the assemblage of chauvanist and Cold War tropes that typically passed for plot and people in Bondland.

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