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Hit 'em with your siren, Emanuelle, hit 'em with your siren!

How are things on the west coast, DVD releases for 4/7/09?/I hear you're moving real fine/You wear those shoes like a dove!

Region 1 releases:

- Alexandra (from the director of Russian Ark)
- Bedtime Stories (2008)
- The Boys From Brazil (reissue)
- Cleopatra (75th Anniversary edition)(directed by Cecil B. DeMille)
- The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
- Donkey Punch
- Doubt
- Fun in Girls’ Shorts 2
- A Galaxy Far, Far Away
- Goldwyn Follies
- It’s A Pleasure
- La Grande Bouffe
- Loyal 47 Ronin
- No Country For Old Men (collector’s edition)
- Pre-Code Hollywood Collection
- Shaw Brothers Collection (4 DVD set)
- Shuttle
- A Song Is Born (1948)
- Tale of Despereaux
- Tales of Ordinary Madness
- 13 Most Beautiful… Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests (music by Dean & Britta)
- Tokyo Zombie
- Vinyan
- Yes Man

Multi-region and other foreign releases (courtesy the inimitable Pike Bishop) -

- The Bela Tarr Collection (includes Damnation, Man From London, Werckmeister Harmonies) UK Region 2 PAL
- Damnation (dir. Bela Tarr) UK Region 2 PAL
- The Film Noir Collection: Quicksand (starring Mickey Rooney) UK Region 2 PAL
- The Film Noir Collection: Trapped (Richard Fleischer) UK Region 2 PAL
- The Film Noir Collection: Woman On The Run (starring Ann Sheridan) UK Region 2 PAL
- Hansel And Gretel (dir. Yim Pil-Sung) UK Region 2 PAL
- Man From London (dir. Bela Tarr) UK Region 2 PAL
- Red (starring Brian Cox and Robert Englund, Dir. Lucky Mckee and Trygve Allister Diesen) UK Region 2 PAL
- Silence Of Lorna (dir. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne) UK Region 2 PAL
- Werckmeister Harmonies (dir. Bela Tarr) UK Region 2 PAL

Region 1 Blu-Ray releases:

- American History X
- The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
- Doubt
- Final Destination
- No Country For Old Men (Collector's Edition)
- Point of No Return
- Tale of Despereaux
- 2010: The Year We Make Contact
- The Wedding Singer
- Winged Migration

Dex on Vinyan:
You came for the creepshow and the Rufus Sewell, got some first-rate cinematography but were left holding second-rate psychohorror draped in phony-baloney Herzogishness. And, Why. So. Serioussss? I ask, 'cause I think that's why you sucked, see.

Patrick on Tale of Despereaux:
I'm not sure if the pacing and structure is ingenious or unknowing. I think that a lot of the bad reviews for this films stem from the fact that you have a film about a cute little mouse in a swell hat and yet it doesn't kowtow to Disney-fied cuteness, doesn't pander to the audience and offer the adorable little hero they expected. That said, I think its ambitions outstrip its reality, taking on several subplots that don't entwine together, just sort of co-exist. It reminds me in this way of Bergman's Persona, which never seems to be able to make up its mind if it wants to be a heavy psycho-drama or an avant-garde experiment and ends up treading a somewhat unsuccessful line between the two, just as Tale of Despereaux still comes on charming and interesting without engaging as fully as it could (or should). It's never cloying and cutesy, so I appreciate that for sure, but it also never goes a step beyond and turns its bounty of ideas into something better.

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