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I bet you could've bottled and sold that bathwater for a mint.
Especially after she got that Oscar.

Can I claim you on my taxes, DVD releases for the week of 4/14/09?

Region 1 releases:

- Abar: Black Superman
- Gateway Meat
- Dark Matter
- The Reader
- Scarred
- Slaughter High
- The Spirit
- The Telling

Multi-region and other foreign releases:

- Candle for the Devil (All region)
- The China White (VCD)
- The Equation of Love and Death (All region)
- His Girl Friday (Region 2 PAL)
- Iri (Region 3)
- Peking Opera Blues (digitally remastered, all region)
- The Putin System (Region 2 PAL)
- Song of the Exile (star. Maggie Cheung, all region)
- Tiger Blade (Region 2 PAL)
- Wicker Man: The Director's Cut (Region 2 PAL)
- Wushu: The Young Generation (VCD)

Blu-Ray releases:

- 8 Mile
- Imax: Deep Sea/Into the Deep
- Mean Girls
- The Reader
- The Spirit

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