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How'dya like me now, Costanza?

Don't call it a comeback, DVD releases for the week of 4/21/09 - we've been here for years!

Region 1/U.S. releases:

- Finding Me
- Frost/Nixon
- Hellraiser (box set)
- House of the Sleeping Beauties

- A Jihad of Love
- Long Ride from Hell
- Malatestas Carnival of Blood
- Mulligans
- Nickelodeon/Last Picture Show (directed by Peter Bogdanovich)
- Notorious (2008)
- Science Is Fiction: 23 Films by Jean Painleve (Criterion Collection directed by Jean Painleve; music by Yo La Tengo)
- The Wrestler

Multi-region/other foreign releases:

- The Baader-Meinhof Complex (UK PAL)
- A Borrowed Life (Taiwanese version, region 3)
- The Divine Weapon (Malaysian version, region 3)
- Dark Floors (UK PAL)
- Dynamite Warrior (HK version, region 3)
- The Manchu Boxer (HK version, all region)
- Mr. Vampire II (all region)
- Rape of Nanking (HK version, all region)
- Santa Sangre: 2-disc special edition (All region)
- Stone (1974) (UK PAL)
- Une Femme Mariee (Masters of Cinema, UK PAL)

Region 1 Blu-Ray:

- Arctic Tale
- Frost/Nixon
- Hellraiser
- Notorious (2008)
- Sin City
- The Wages of Fear (Criterion Collection directed by Henri-Georges Clouzout)
- The Wrestler
- X-Men Trilogy

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