okay, it's spring - are we getting a david cronenberg movie, or what? (denver premieres for 4/17/09)

Authorities are asking citizens to be on the lookout
for this man, who is suspected of eating Russell Crowe.

Tokyo!- This omnibus film follows in the tradition of such recent films such as New York, I Love You and Paris je t'aime in that it presents quirky little vignettes about the film's titular city. Tokyo! is divided in to three parts with Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotlees Mind, Be Kind Rewind), Leos Carax (Pola X) and Bong Joon-ho (Memories of Murder, The Host) directing a story apiece. General consensus among those that have seen it is that the Gondry and Bong entries are good but the Carax is uneven, starting out strong but ending as a drawn out courtroom drama.

State of Play - So, 'New York' magazine is claiming - at least in a headline - that "most moviegoers are too dumb to enjoy State of Play"; this likely means the film is aimed (as Pike might put it) squarely for the middle of the brow. Indeed, I looked over David Edelstein's review, and it's one of those big timey movie reviews which is impressed with how many simulacrums and references from the big timey media and politics landscape said movie can jam into its allotted time, but little else (and even Edelstein seems a little mystified that he's supposed to like a movie he himself says loses the dramatic tension and intelligence of the original source material and feels like a cut n' paste of Alan Pakula's All the President's Men. Also, kudos to the mag for the way they're pumping the flick up: "Hey, dumbass, go see this movie, or be a dumbass, dumbass!" Dumbasses). (Dex)

Shall We Kiss? - I feel lucky I'm not dating the type of gal who would ask me to go see this. Stars Virginie Ledoyen (who made her international bones in hot-then-not director Danny Boyle's The Beach) and a bunch of EuroActors I don't recognize. (Dex)

Crank 2: High Voltage - Do you know what would be cool? What would be cool is that Jason Statham gets to roundhouse kick that old lady I see him rubbing up against in the teevee previews for this thing. Just once. Alas, he broke my heart in that suckfest he did with Jet Li as well as that wretched Bank Job (2008) thing. Fool me once, Jason...(Dex)

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