Opening today- Fados by Carlos Saura

In 2007, Carlos Saura put a capper on his trilogy of films dedicated to music* with Fados, a film that pays tribute to the Portuguese folk music of the title. Finally getting a U.S. theatrical run, Fados arrives on the big screen in Denver starting tonight with a special presentation over at the Starz FilmCenter. Although it has won awards nationally as a documentary film, it is really more of a performance film that couches song and dance in a world of cinematic splendor. Check out the trailer to get a feel for the film:

Saura's approach is apparently unorthodox and has rubbed some purists the wrong way by including hip-hop and pop hybrids of the music in the film, but don't let that dissuade you from seeing the film as many of Fado's shining stars are represented. The most famous living exponent of the art, The Mozambique born Mariza, is in the film. Here is her performance of Ó Gente Da Minha Terra on David Letterman from a couple of years back (it's a knock-out!):

If that clip made you wish you could see her live, well, if you live in Colorado you just missed her as she performed at the Macky Auditorium at CU Campus on April 22.

Tonight- Friday, May 8th- at 7:00 The Stars FilmCenter is starting its run of Fados with a special presentation that includes an after-film Flamenco performance (???)** by local Flamenco dancer and teacher Natalia Pérez del Villar. They will also be serving tapas and Sangria for your snacking pleasure. Tickets are $11.00. If you don't get to go tonight, please catch it before it leaves the theater on May 14th.

* The other films in the trilogy are Flamenco (1995) and Tango(1998).

** The Flamenco performance has to be in recognition of Saura's previous work like his famous Flamenco trilogy (Blood Wedding, Carmen, El Amor Brujo) and the fact that he is Spanish, not because the folks over at Starz don't know the difference between Portugal and Spain, right? Don't get me wrong, anytime is a good time for Flamenco but this kind of pair-up might come across as old-fashioned American cultural ignorance if not presented properly.

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