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A particularly orange-ish scene from John Woo's Red Cliff 2.

DVD releases for the week of 6/9/09...

U.S. and Region 1 releases>>

- Fired Up! (cheerleader humor-pron for you fans of ah, cheerleader humor-pron)
- Gran Torino (dir. Clint Eastwood; here's a long piece from "The Nation" on the Grimace That Launched a Thousand Westerns)
- The International (dir. Tom Tykwer, with Clive Owens and Naomi Watts; Aaron sez the shoot-out in the Guggenheim's alright but little else is worth watching)
- Ladies or Gentlemen
- Nelson Mandela: Son of Africa (re-release of the 1996 film)
- Were the World Mine (High School Musical by way of Q-Cinema)
- Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music (featuring Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Canned Heat, and the editing skills of one Marty Scorsese; also, check out this NYT piece on recent 60s "youth cult" DVD re-releases)

Mult-region and other foreign releases>>

- The Dirty Harry Collection (PAL Region 2)
- Disciples of Shaolin Temple (HK all-region)
- Red Cliff 2 (John Woo follow up to his swords and stuff epic, starring Tony Leung) (Region 3)
- Viy (the very wild, very first horror film ever made in Russia) (PAL Region 2)

Blu-Ray releases>>

- Fatal Attraction (dir. Adrian Lyne, possibly Hollywood's most successful misogynist)
- Gran Torino
- The International
– Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music

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