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Look deep, deep into the blood-red eyes of the Tuesday releases elf...

U.S. and region 1 releases>>
- Door into Silence (words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm)
- For All Mankind (Criterion Collection directed by Al Reinert)
- Grey Gardens (2009) (a non-musical adaptation of the musical adaptation of the Maysles' doc with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore)
- Journey to the Moon: 40th Anniversary (holy fucking shit, man walks on the fucking moon)
- Rec (enjoyable Spanish horror romp - with a supercute lead, hoo-boy- was the inspiration for the U.S. Quarantine)
- 12 (12 Angry Men by way of the Russian invasion of Chechnya)

Multi-region and other foreign releases>>
- British Intelligence (UK PAL region 2) (Brit WWII-spy thriller featuring Boris Karloff as a menacing butler)
- Double Agent (Taiwanese version, region 3) (Korean spies-n-lies flick)
- The First 7th Night (HK all region) (a modern-day HK ghost story starring Gordon Lam and Michelle Ye)
- Shinjuku Incident (HK VCD) (this HK gangster flick opened the 33rd Hong Kong Film Festival; stars Jackie Chan, in a rare dramatic role)
- Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (UK PAL region 2) (medieval period piece featuring martial arts great Sammo Hung and Andy Lau, Maggie Q, and Vanessa Wu)

Region 1 Blu-Ray releases:
- For All Mankind (Criterion Collection directed by Al Reinert)
- M*A*S*H (Blu-Ray versions are painless; it brings on many changes)
- Towering Inferno

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