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This being a film blog and all, I suppose it's sort of incumbent that somebody post a little something on the passing of John Hughes.

I can't say that he really had much to do with my own coming out as a film geek, or even as a teen, which I know a lot of people who are probably smarter and/or make more money than I do might claim. Only in the last couple of years have I come to appreciate Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and then only up to where it starts getting all whiny.

But - Breakfast Club was the second R-rated movie I ever saw. And I remember liking it then. And I do still have a thing for Simple Minds stuff from that period. So - John Hughes. There you go.


Howard said...

Wow, don't get all emotional on us or anything. (OW! My eyes hurt from rolling them so hard.)

Dex said...

i may look like an anthony michael hall, but i'm really a judd nelson, maaan.