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The knives are back out for Tuesday releases at the Booth.

As I was MIA last week, this week's ed. includes releases from that lost Tuesday as well...

Region 1 releases>>
- Bad Lieutenant (special edition) (now with more Harvey Keitel penis!)
- Big Man Japan (so-so spoof on giant monster movies)
- Bill Plympton’s Dog Days
- Combat Shock (director’s cut) (Troma Films re-release of the super cool, super bleak, super gory homage to Eraserhead and Taxi Driver by way of the Jersey Shore)
- The Green Hornet
- The Green Hornet Strikes Again
- Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 (I rolled my eyes at this when I first saw the poster for this too, but this documentary on a late-60s Ivy League classic has more to do with the changing face of America in the throes of Vietnam and attacks on civil rights leaders than school rings and fight songs)
- Ichi the Killer (3 DVD special edition)
- Repulsion (Criterion Collection directed by Roman Polanski)
- Terry Jones Collection (Monty Python alumnus)
- The 10th Victim ("It is the 21st Century, and society's lust for violence is satisfied by "The Big Hunt," an international game of legalized murder. But when the sport's two top assassins - Marcello Mastroianni and Ursula Andress - are pitted against each other, they find that love is the most dangerous game of all." Pretty cool, eh?)
- The Last Starfighter (25th Anniversary edition) (meh...)
- Machine Girl 1.5 (school girls, ninjas, and chainsaws oh-my via Tokyo Shock)
- Race to Witch Mountain

Multi-region and other foreign releases>>
- Ahhn Joong Keun (Korea version region 3) (here's something you don't see everyday - a biopic of Japan's prime ministerial shooter Thomas Ahnn Joong Keun)
- Ashes of Time Redux (HK version) (all region VCD)
- Plastic City (HK version region 3) (Hong Kong-gangster actioner set in Brazil, starring the fab Anthony Wong)
- Running Wild (All region) (Korean-gangsta-shoot-em-up)
- X-Cop Girls (HK version all region) (More Anthony Wong - you can't wrong!)

Region 1 Blu-Ray releases>>
- 12 Monkeys
- Bad Boy Bubby
- Big Trouble in Little China
- Inglorious Bastards (1977) (see it now before something something)
- Repulsion (Criterion Collection directed by Roman Polanski)
- Sweeney Todd (2007)
- This Is Spinal Tap

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