get yr release on

Summer's almost over, so you should do like the cast of Alien Trespass and get yr grill on.

Region 1 U.S. releases>>
- Alien Trespass (it's cute. Not that that's bad, but - it's cute, and I'm a straight-up sucker for late 50s-earlier 60s American saucers and pseudo-science)
- Batman vs Dracula/The Batman Superman Movie (it's like they ripped this from my daydreams or something. Does Natalie Portman do the voice of Batgirl?)
- Born in 68
- The Class (2008) (Laurent Cantent's highly regarded French slice o' life)
- Eagles Over London
- I Love You Man
- Katyn (directed by Andrzej Wajda)
- London to Brighton
- Lone Wolf and Cub: Collection 1
- One Day You’ll Understand
- Paris 36
- 17 Again (and hopefully, never again)
- Tale of Sorrow

Multi-region and other foreign releases>>
- Gate of Flesh (UK PAL) (pinku eiga from the brillinat Seijun Suzuki)
- Inglorious Bastards (UK PAL) (the '77 vers)
- Little Drunken Masters (HK version) (VCD) (best title ever?)
- Mega Shark v. Giant Octopus (UK PAL) (okay - that might be the best title ever)
- Sasori (UK PAL) (murder, mistaken identity, and martial arts mayhem! With the great Simon Yam, apparently)
- Three Fellas (Japan Version) (region 2) (looks like it could be an interesting angle on the gangsters-grow-up story)
- Watcher in the Attic (UK PAL) (60s adaptation of sex and weirdness from Japan's classic mystery author, Rampo Edogawa)

Region 1 Blu-Ray releases>>
- Chaos
- The Class (2008)
- I Love You Man

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